Aromatherapy is a truly holistic treatment. It is the art of blending essential plant oils to encourage the body to heal itself.


There are several methods of application including inhalation, massage, bath, diffusion, compress and we also offer an aromatherapy 'nap' at Cocoon.


Jacqui will conduct a full consultation with you and then discuss the most effective method of application or use along with the oils that are tailored for you to help with whatever you need.


A few examples of what Aromatherapy can help with are:

Immune Support

Pain Management

Stress Relief

Muscular Tension

Sleep Enhancement

Respiratory Health

Mood Enhancement

Emotional Balance



Jacqui can also help with pregnancy and will discuss oils that will help with you and your baby as well as supporting you when your baby arrives.


TO BOOK CALL JACQUI ON 01484 685483 or 07951141730 or



Aromatherapy Sessions At Cocoon




Aromatherapy sessions with Jacqui are now booked by minutes rather than type of treatment.


You will therefore have more choice about how You want Your treatment to

progress according to Your needs each time. You will also have plenty of time

to talk first and to relax after.


We will discuss the length of session required when You are booking in. If it’s

Your first visit, Your consultation time is free.


Here’s an idea of session prices to help You..

30 MINS SESSION                        £25

45 MINS                                        £30

60 MINS                                        £40

75 MINS                                        £45

90 MINS                                        £50

120 MINS                                      £60


• Full Body Massage
• Head, Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage
• Hand and/or Foot Massage
• Aromatherapy ‘Nap’
• Pregnancy Massage
• Aromatherapy Compresses, Bath Preparations, Inhalations, Diffusions



TO BOOK CALL JACQUI ON 01484 685483 or 07951141730



How to Book


Contact an instructor or therapist directly on their own number if you have them or as shown on our site 'Our Team' page


39c Station Road

Use our contact form or simply call us on:

Tel: 01484 685483



- New Clients with Emily - £25 for 40mins Indian Head Massage

- HOPI Ear Candling £25

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