SOMATIC Movement for Emotional Release Therapy


There is a lot of interest at the moment in treatments for Trauma and Chronic Stress.

There are an increasing number of techniques to combat the Stress and Trauma responses which can be physiological, emotional and mental. This can leave traces on not only our minds and bodies but also reduce our capacity for joy and love and even affect our biology and the workings of our immune system.


Trauma and Stress results in the activation of the musculature- neck muscles pull the neck forward; shoulder muscles are raised & drawn forwards; hip muscles flex the hip towards the abdomen & curve the spine (foetal response) - All are the body's natural way of protecting itself.

By activating these areas of the body using the body's natural release mechanisms, long-held physical tension and tightness can be reduced, and with it, the residual mental & emotional patterns causing us to be locked into a cycle of stress.


Jacqui has developed her own brand of healing which she is calling 'Somatic Movement for Emotional Release' so that you can focus on freedom from the physical and psychological effects of trauma and long-held stress, and return to balance and wellness. We activate the Vagus Nerve which is now widely understood to soothe and relax the body by flooding it with feel-good hormones. We allow the body's own natural wisdom to guide us to discharge the nervous system of tension, a process shared by all mammals.


Initially Jacqui is offering individual, family group or paired friends sessions of an hour in length.


Each session will be £40. If you wish to develop a home practice, we suggest a minimum of 3 sessions in order to feel confident.


If you choose to do the 3 sessions, the cost will be reduced to £110 and you will also be provided with a personalised booklet of the process to use at home.



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