Usui Reiki is a Japanese treatment meaning ‘Universal Energy’ founded over 100 years ago by Mikao Usui.


A very effective calming holistic therapy aimed at removing energy blockages throughout the body. This involves different hand positions on the body and is carried out over your clothes. Reiki is a wonderful healing energy that can provide balance, peace and harmony in our lives. You simply close your eyes, listen to the music and relax. It can also be added on to other treatments.


A session includes a chat before and after the Reiki as well as the Reiki itself so the session is tailored to what you need at that time


  • £35 for 1 hour total session time (1 hour session time incl chat before/after as well as the Reiki session) with Emily, Rebecca or Sara
  • £40 as above with Pam or Kelly


  • Crystal Reiki with Rebecca is also available at £35 for 1 hour total session time
  • Crystal Reiki with Kelly is also available at £42 for 1 hour total session time


  • Usui Reiki is available with Pam, Emily, Kelly, Rebecca or Sara

Pam is also offering Distance Sessions


Sara also offers Level 1 Usui Attunements over 2 x 2 Hour sessions £80


Call Cocoon on 01484 685483 or

or Look at Our Team page for each therapists' details


How to Book


Contact an instructor or therapist directly on their own number if you have them or as shown on our site 'Our Team' page


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