Quantum Holographic Echo Healing is a talking therapy that takes you on a journey of self discovery. A specialised healing method which clears deeply held emotional issues and unhelpful beliefs from the cellular memory of the body.

Often due to traumatic events and experiences within life we are faced with states of anxiety, fear, insecurity, a sense of rejection or abandonment, feeling unloved, unworthy or not good enough. These emotions can remain stored in the cells of the body, playing continuously in a loop and preventing us from living the life we deserve.


  • QHEH helps remove blocked energy and helps restore a more positive memory which has amazing effects on both the body & mind
  • It helps facilitate positive change, allowing you to become more empowered and in control of your own destiny
  • It helps us to realise we can store negative programming and it can help ancestral lines

Research in cellular biology has that when we feel an intense emotion which we then repress because we can't cope with it, specific chemical changes occur in our cells and the memory remains stored.

QHEH can access the information and in your cells and the unwanted negative memories are then removed. Thus creating space for higher frequency energies of positive emotions and beliefs.


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